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Free shipping from 150€ in E.U and 250€ worldwide
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You are currently connected to the official Soobaya website operated by HOLIDAY WEAR FACTORY SAS.

HOLIDAY WEAR FACTORY, a simplified joint-stock company based in PARIS 17 (75017), it specializes in the business sector of wholesale trade (inter-company trade) of clothing and footwear.

Address: 58 AV DE WAGRAM 75017 PARIS France

SIRET 81886962000018

Director of publication: Mr. Patrick Basquin

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When creating a customer account or purchasing products, you will need to provide us with your surnames, first names and contact details.

This information will be kept for a minimum of 24 months.

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Under no circumstances will Soobaya have access to your bank details and will not keep any trace of them. For more information on payment. Refer to the general conditions of sale.